• BIODEX balance system Enabling Advanced Balance Assessment And Training
  • AMADEO The Most Advanced Finger-Hand Therapy Device
  • PABLO Providing Effective Hand-Arm Rehabilitation
  • TYMO Sensor-Based Rehabilitation Device For Balance & Postural Control
  • Diego Robotics-assisted arm-rehabilitation

world class technology

At the Burjeel Neuro Rehab Center, we believe that healing is as important as the cure itself. Which is why our world class professionals who partner with experts from Austria to bring you Tyromotion technology that uses advanced robotic and visual simulations helping the rehabilitation process..

Some of the key technologies are as follows

  • AMADEO - one of the most revolutionary devices in finger and hand rehabilitation, the AMADEO provides the benefit of robotic and computer based therapy to our guests. Using game simulations, sessions with the AMADEO are interactive and easy to follow.

  • PABLO - this technology enables treatment for a wide variety of neurological as well as orthopedic motoric limitations which can affect the upper and lower extremities. This technology delivers customized solutions which can handle a large range of complications.

  • TYMO – the TYMO is a special sensor based rehabilitation device that helps in the balance as well as posture control. With a highly advanced static and dynamic evaluation application The device is extremely flexible and allows for treating a wide range of neurological and orthopedic conditions.

  • Diego - this technology is the most advanced and versatile arm-shoulder rehabilitation device in the world which combines virtual reality, robotics as well as Intelligent Gravity Compensation (IGC) to facilitate arm- rehabilitation process for all phases of therapy.

  • Other state-of-the-art technologies include

  • Partial weight bearing treadmills – This technology offers people the opportunity to begin walking earlier and regain the feeling of normal walking pattern again. These highly advanced machines use a dynamic suspension system which helps guests to regain their confidence, strength as well as their stride.

  • Balance training systems such as the Biodex – This unique balance platform, challenges and trains the body balance centres to allow for safer walking and reactions.

  • Electrotherapies
  • Images used for the AMADEO, TYMO, PABLO are used under permission from www.tyromotion.com
  • Image used for the BIODEX balance system is a property of www.biodex.com