patient testimonial

My journey has been long, frustrating, challenging and eye opening. Going from leading a full active and independent lifestyle to being dependent on people for all basic needs is extremely frightening. After my initial in-patient rehabilitation journey I was anxious about making the transition from 24hour support to being more independent and integrating back into my previous role as a father, husband and financial advisor.

My previous therapists and family toured the facility at BNRPC before my first outpatient session to ensure they could cater to my individual needs. When I started with Joseph (Senior Physiotherapist and Centre Manager) I was able to walk but I was heavily reliant on 2 crutches. Over my past 6 months I have improved dramatically with my functional abilities. I can now perform almost 100% of my daily routine independently. I have been working very hard to improve the smaller movements in my hands as well as my overall ability to balance and walk at pace. I no longer use a walking aid which feels fantastic.

BNRPC has some very unique rehabilitation equipment from Tyromotion which I have really enjoyed using and found to be very useful. Under the guidance of experienced therapists I have more confidence in my abilities now than ever before. My journey does not stop here however. I have come to realise that I must continue to work hard even to make smaller gains to fine tune the ability to function as independently as I did before. My next goal is to start driving again.

Weal Abdul Malak