patient testimonial

I had a hamstring ACL reconstruction performed by Dr Veerabathu at Burjeel Hospital in May 2016. Before the surgery I did some pre-surgery physiotherapy sessions with Mr. Joseph Basil in BNRPC, and after surgery I have had a lot of rehabilitation sessions, also with Joseph Basil.

The administrative and support staff have all been very professional and organized. Joseph Basil has taken excellent care of me, making sure I understand what I can and can't do safely and that I understand where I am in the rehabilitation process, what the next steps will be and when I can expect to be able to return to playing the different sports I enjoy.

The sessions are properly organized so I know what we will do at the start of each session and how it will help my recovery. I am never left unsupervised for long periods of time despite Joseph often having several patients to attend to simultaneously. Joseph is very encouraging and supportive and I am very happy with the level of care I have received from all the staff at BNRPC.

Daniel Pugsley