patient testimonial

Dear Reshma,

I would like to express our sincere thanks to your efforts for helping Sadhana to trigger her initial speech thru your techniques & therapy.

I really appreciate the way you handled her and the encouragement given to her and to us.

Without your advice, we never thought of trying her KG1 admission. To our surprise, she has done well in the interview and cleared it. We don't have any words to express how we felt during that time.

Also, before we started this course, we were afraid that she wouldn't even speak and always worried about it all the time. Luckily, we saw the flyer at Burjeel Main Hospital and contacted you. I really admire all your staff's friendliness, hospitality whenever we visited there for Sadhana's sessions.

All your documents, books helped Sadhu a lot. She is able to communicate well, trying new words, trying to be fluent etc. and started talking non-stop nowadays with lots of questions and we are happy to see that.

Your coaching, encouragement, friendliness helped her a lot. She is always asking about you whenever we cross your hospital building. Sometimes she asks us to take her to Reshma Aunty.

Definitely you will be missed and we will make sure that she will meet you in future when she grown up to see the person who helped her to talk. We will come down next week, 01st April in the afternoon to meet & thank you & your team.

Anitha & Amirtharaj