patient testimonial

Anitha & Amirtharaj I would like to express our sincere thanks to your efforts for helping Sadhana to trigger her initial speech thru your techniques & therapy.
I really appreciate the way you handled her and the encouragement given to her and to us.
Without your advice, we never thought of trying her KG1 admission. To our surprise, she has done well in the interview and cleared it. We don't have any words to express how we felt during that more
Abdul Rafeeq I am Abdul Rafeeq ,father of Rasha Zainab who has attended the speech therapy with you in last two months. I am writing to you to inform you that due to the therapy that was provided to my daughter, she has shown improvements in both her character and behavior in class. Her school teachers also informed me that a lot of good changes have happened in these last two more
Prakash I had a brain stroke 3 month ago because of that I lost my voice completely. I was referred Ms. Reshma in Burjeel hospital for speech therapy.
Because of her various way of teaching / providing the therapy, I could start speaking within 2 weeks after the stroke. As things stand today, I have improved a lot. I guess soon, I will be what I was before the more
Weal Abdul Malak My journey has been long, frustrating, challenging and eye opening. Going from leading a full active and independent lifestyle to being dependent on people for all basic needs is extremely frightening. After my initial in-patient rehabilitation journey I was anxious about making the transition from 24hour support to being more independent and integrating back into my previous role as a father, husband and financial advisor.
My previous therapists and family toured the facility at BNRPC before my first outpatient session to ensure they could cater to my individual needs. When I started with Joseph (Senior Physiotherapist and Centre Manager) I was able to walk but I was heavily reliant on 2 more
Daniel Pugsley I had a hamstring ACL reconstruction performed by Dr Veerabathu at Burjeel Hospital in May 2016. Before the surgery I did some pre-surgery physiotherapy sessions with Mr. Joseph Basil in BNRPC, and after surgery I have had a lot of rehabilitation sessions, also with Joseph Basil.
The administrative and support staff have all been very professional and organized. Joseph Basil has taken excellent care of me, making sure I understand what I can and can't do safely and that I understand where I am in the rehabilitation process, what the next steps will be and when I can expect to be able to return to playing the different sports I enjoy. more
Joemari Daclan I would like to thank the Burjeel Neuro Rehabilitation Center team for helping me on my way to recovery. They have given me appropriate intensive activity that speeds up my recovery. When I came to Burjeel I have difficulty walking because of intense dizziness and uncoordinated balance movement, but now I can perform my daily activities better.

Also, thank you to my therapist Joseph Basil, for encouraging me with my exercises and recovery. Thank you for your patience and care. He made me believe that I will be able to recover and become strong more